Welcome to Play Free Academy, a soccer community founded by a team of current Division 1 athletes dedicated to helping athletes overcome mental challenges and perform at their best. Our mission is to empower the next generation of athletes by providing knowledge, guidance, and support to improve skills and overcome mental barriers. We offer services to enhance technique, build confidence, and take the game to the next level. At Play Free Academy, we believe in creating a liberating experience, letting go of fear and doubt to achieve goals. Join our community today to unleash your limitless potential and play soccer with confidence and freedom.


Riley Lynch

Riley Lynch is a 2-time All WCC attacker and was ranked as a top 50 player in the country for his class in 2022. With over 200 private sessions under his belt, Riley is eager to share his love and knowledge of the game with others. His motto, "Outwork Everyone", reflects his commitment to pushing athletes to achieve their goals through hard work and dedication.

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Cole Barrett

Cole Barrett is Division 1 Athlete at Saint Mary's College. He brings a wealth of soccer experience and knowledge to the table. Cole is passionate about helping younger players build their confidence, overcome mental barriers, and develop their skills both on and off the field. With a focus on Strength Training, Conditioning, Injury Prevention, and Mental Training, Cole is committed to empowering the next generation of soccer players to reach their full potential. Join the Play Free Academy community and sign up for coaching sessions with Cole to take your game to the next level.

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Timothy Stephens

Timothy Stephens has been a Division 1 Soccer Player at Saint Mary's College for the past four years. He has played an instrumental role in the success of the team since his freshman year. He brings a wealth of knowledge from each area of the field as he has started and played in over 5 different positions on the field. Timothy was consistently a leader in game milage and has a firm grasp on mental toughness and conditioning. Timothy is eager to share his knowledge and expertise with the next generation of athletes and seaks to help build well rounded soccer players.

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